28 March 2009

A Visit to Phule Mandai..

Mahatma Phule Mandai is situated in the center of Pune City. Because of its location this place is often used for meetings, Conferences, starting point for the Ganesh festival procession etc. This market is well known for getting fresh vegetables, fruits and articles for the Poojas.
Next to the market there is the Tulsi baug temple. The Rameshwar temple which is owned by the Khasgiwalas also owned the land on which the market is built. The British bough this land and built the Market place. About 2 lacks of Rupees were spent for building this market at that time. The structure of the market is such that it is eight sided and has 8 ways which lead you out from the center of the market. There are around 526 stalls with particular vegetable or fruits to be sold at particular places.

Peculiarities of this place are the huge structure and the stone construction of the market which remained as it is even after so many years.
Fruits and Vegetables are available here in a low cost so people come here in huge numbers to take what ever they want. Mostly Sundays and other holidays you would find crowd gathering here and even if you haven't planned to buy anything you feel like purchasing something seeing the crowd. One feels good even by just being in this place. It is a must see place in Pune city.

माहिती : विकिपेडिया
Info : Wikipedia


  1. Loved the picture of the 'limbu woman' (and most of the other pictures on your blog). keep up the good work !

  2. Where to put commentis a big question. Everything is just AMAZING !!!